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The Background

Combining of technology and creativity is what I’m really good in. I enjoy this combination currently working as Packaging Engineer at the R&D department op SC Johnson and I enjoyed this during my study Industrial Design Engineer. As Industrial designer I have a broad knowledge of:

• Developing products and packaging
• Defining, meeting and testing requirements
• Materials
• Production techniques
• Marketing
• Consumer behaviour
• Strength and Stiffness
• Statics and Dynamic
• 3D CAD modelling

During my studies I mostly focused on the development of product and packaging, trendspotting and translating the brand identity into a product. My thesis was about translating the brand identity of VETUS to design characteristics. After my study Industrial Design Engineering I worked in Graphical- and Packaging Design, however I would still love to work in product design.

I am a hard worker and quick learner, which comes in handy with starting new projects. I think out of the box, and sometimes inside the box for a change. As a team player I’m sensitive for what people feel and think and I use this in discussions. I can get really excited about projects. This enthusiasm is clearly visible and even infectious for my colleagues.

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