For the HEMA design competition I designed a theme (‘t HEMA) room. This was a small package of products which could be sold at the HEMA to turn a kids room into a theme room. The package consisted of a big sheet with a design, stickers for on the wall, a mobile and a flag. The themes could be aligned with other products sold at the HEMA


The assignment was: Design a product that replaces the somatic senses of the finger. We did research to the human sensors and the current technical sensors which can replace them. Besides this we calculated with SolidWorks which form was the best to imitate the epidermis of a finger. The wave was only optimal on the bottom of the finger (not between the epidermis and the dermis). Combining this knowledge, we designed an artificial finger.


The assignment for the subject ‘Design and emotion’ was to design for a specific target group and especially based on the way they experience products. This was done in cooperation with the company VacuVin. I decided to design for the female Chinese young professional, because this group is currently growing very fast. It is a group who is wealthier than they were when they grew up and is focused on European and American brands.


For the subject ‘Graphical Language of Products’ the task was to design a bike which displayed a car brand. We designed a bike which displayed the Ferrari brand. We used Solid Works to design the form. We also designed stickers to brand an actual bike frame

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